WK04-30BP Paper banding machine with top press


Banding machine have been a cost and labor saving solution for many industries all over the world. Such as pharmacy, printing, graphic, dairy products, currency industries. Banding machine use heat sealing system to bond the material together to form a nice tidy seal around the item.

Additional information

Model No.


Applicable Material

Tape Specification


Arch Size

Banding Size

Table Height

Power Supply


Control System

Banding Speed

Banding Tension

Welding Method

Air Supply

Top Pressure

Net Weight

Machine Dimension



  • Schneider touch screen
  • 30 or 50mm wide band
  • Min 80mic OPP film
  • No Pre-Heating time
  • Instant Heat Sealing
  • With counter
  • Applicable for both paper band and OPP film
  • Can connect to a jumbo roll dispenser to load 500-800 meters roll
  • DC motor Power-More safe


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