WK02-30AF Friction Feeder With Banding Machine


Banding machine have been a cost and labor saving solution for many industries all over the world. Such as pharmacy, printing, graphic, dairy products, currency industries. Banding machine use heat sealing system to bond the material together to form a nice tidy seal around the item.

Additional information

Model No.

Arch Size

Applicable Material

Tape Specification


Power Supply

Control System

Banding Speed

Banding Tension

Welding Method

Machine Dimension

Product Thickness

Product Width

Product Length



  • Bundle products with Paper Tape or OPP Film
  • Completely automated and highly efficient process
  • Automatic bi-directional Jog function make sure your products stay neat
  • Pneumatically operated clamp compresses products
  • Adjustable Clamp Pressure
  • 6.25” Schneider touch screen make setup easy
  • Four Casters on the WK02-30AF increase its mobility
  • Faults Alarms


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