A333 Sealless Steel Strapping Tool


Our deduction for tools used in almost all areas of common steel packaged with tools, access to reliable, rugged design, easy to use and more portable, is applicable to all walks of life packing the ideal tool to tighten, bite deduction, cut, three-step Once completed, no lead waste, and its bite withholding deduction by way of yin and yang, this way of the safety factor to achieve more than 95 percent. The ordinary iron withholding bite deduction is only 30-60 percent safety factor, the deduction for the use of the tools not only to reduce costs and improve the safety of packaging, but also rapid operation can greatly enhance the quality and efficiency of packaging.

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  • Sealless ,with double pressure structure to achieve the connection of two strap
  • Packing coalescent intensity is 80%
  • High speed tension,special structure design, easy to achieve tension and package of steel, aluminum ingots, heavy packages
  • All machine of the use of aluminum alloy manufacturing.
  • Use a wear-resistant for bottom design
  • Adjust the cutter height easily, lightweight and long service life.


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